The Cast

Breadknives Theatre

Our troupe is drawn from the physical theatrical world, all of us students from the internationally renowned Jacques Lecoq theatre school, as well as various Circus troupes and professional music performers. Our performance is a movement-based creation exploring the different facets of Norton’s confrontation with society. We feel our mindset is well within the bounds promoted by young emerging troupes – new, unexpected and edgy.

Our intention is to cross traditional performance boundaries by drawing from our varied performance skillsets. Text based theatre adapted from Mark Twain’s literature, physical theatre, circus and music combine to create a vibrant language that can allow our story to explode forth with the same force and brightness as Norton’s eccentric imagined reign. Our work process is to write with our bodies on stage through improvisation, as well as a verbal and choreographic script with a precise treatment, chronology, images. There is a director who puts these ideas into motion and has the final word, our performers are also creators, and the aim is an ensemble driven creation based upon physical improvisation. The movements of the play are accompanied by music and sound effects which are being prepared by our independent music production team.